Body Mud with  Avocado

Body Mud with Avocado

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Body Mud with Avocado and Aloe vera 500 gm. From the subsoil of the deepest spot on earth, the Dead Sea surrenders its rich revitalizing mud. This remarkable black mud is composed of around 26 minerals indulging in a black mud body wrap has both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits known to cleanse and stimulate the skin, relieve muscle and emotional tensions. Dead Sea Mud has therapeutic powers : Relieves skin problems such as acne ,eczema and psoriasis. Helps relieve aches and pains. Prevents stiffness after exercising. Ease arthritic and rheumatic pains. Relaxes muscles and dissipates tension. Stimulates circulation, enhances cell regeneration, relieves muscular pains and stress and improves tone and general health. Dry skin that deteriorates with age, certainly benefits from Dead Sea minerals products that cleanse the skin replacing the missing electrolytes. (Mix well before use)